Automatic Transformer Winding Machine

- May 23, 2019-

In terms of transformer winding structure design, not all coils can be produced by vertical winding machine. Such as layer structure, multi - screw structure of the coil. If the coil is well wound by the ordinary horizontal winding machine, no axial pressure is applied to wind the coil. The gap between the wire segments is large, like a pressure spring. After being compressed, the diameter of the coil becomes larger, and the gap between the coil and the paper tube will cause axial instability of the coil. In case of axial electric force, the coil may be damaged. Therefore, the horizontal winding machine with axial and radial compression is widely used in the production of large transformer coils. With the transformer performance requirements are higher and higher, the general small and medium-sized transformer production, also gradually began to use compact horizontal winding machine.

coil winding machine transformer