Automatic Transformer Winding Machine

- Jun 17, 2019-

Semi-automatic type
It is the most widely used winding machine in China, which can only realize automatic wiring, and all the remaining operations need to be completed by operators. Generally, the number of shafts is small to match the operator's operating time, so as to facilitate the replacement of different molds to produce different products.
Advantages: the price is cheap, some machinery can not complete the process can be completed by manual, equipment deviation can be adjusted by operators to compensate, easy to replace products.
Disadvantages: there are a lot of manpower to be provided, and employees need some training, which is limited by operators' proficiency.
Suitable for low - cost production, new product production, multi - type less batch production.
According to the way of winding can be divided into: flat winding machine, ring winding machine, flying fork winding machine, three-dimensional winding machine.

Winding machine