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- Mar 05, 2019-

Lightweight has always been the CFRP key technology for the industrialization of traditional and electric vehicles. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), which is lighter and stronger than traditional metal materials, and has good molding technology, has become an important material of automotive lightweight without CFRP. Especially in 2013, production of CFRP treasure horse I3 electric cars, fully adopted the carbon fiber material, CFRP is recognized as tree stand a car lightweight new benchmark, CFRP for aluminium body structure, the structure of the car's biggest change, therefore, the research know the performance of the carbon fiber CFRP composite material structure, the development of auto lightweight structure to CFRP close important.

Aluminum honeycomb, as a kind of light metal filling material, has been applied in the fields of aviation and shipping. Sigit Santosa et al. studied the lateral bending performance of aluminum honeycomb filled aluminum square pipe, and the results showed that the filling of aluminum honeycomb CFRP nest greatly improved the mechanical performance of CFRP of aluminum square pipe, but there were few studies on the mechanical CFRP performance of aluminum honeycomb filled carbon fiber composite pipe. In view of this, this paper will be light aluminum honeycomb filled CFRP CFRP structure, and through bending experiment and simulation combined with CFRP method, to master the aluminum honeycomb filled CFRP pipe performance gauge CFRP law and failure mechanism, to provide guidance for the design of automotive lightweight structure.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) square tube by toray weaving CFRP woven carbon fiber T300 / epoxy resin presoak material preparation, the selecting thermal forming technique of CFRP is gas-assisted molding method, as shown in figure 1, will be woven carbon fiber CFRP presoak material winding mold core, and then placed in a split the gold CFRP mold, from the internal pressure and set temperature makes the hot solid CFRP, after completion of hot pressing mold core and got the 

CFRPCFRP square tube on carbon fiber separation, then sand of CFRP tube of CFRP was needed to get samples. The strength and consistency of the product are higher than CFRP, and the cost is lower, but the efficiency is not very high

Because of CFRP tube cross section size of 60 mm x 60 mm, CFRP and core filling aluminium honeycomb in the corresponding direction on the size of 55 mm x CFRP55mm, significantly less than the internal 

space size of CFRP square tube, fill in CFRP filling, first of all, put up, the CFRP atc vertical aluminium honeycomb CFRP end, and then hand puts aluminium honeycomb CFRP atc directly above, and then let the free fall effect of CFRP aluminium honeycomb slowly to fill it to CFRP tube in CFRP interior, in this way of filling process does not take place obvious fill CFRP resistance, It is also shown that the cellular structure of CFRP has no obvious pre-deformation after the aluminum honeycomb is filled into the CFRP square tube, which ensures the consistency and accuracy of the CFRP test. Therefore, in this test, there is no bonding between aluminum honeycomb and CFRPCFRP square pipe.

The three-point bending test was carried out on wd-200b electronic universal testing machine (CFRP) with a maximum carrying capacity of 200kN. In this paper, the pure aluminum CFRP honeycomb, CFRP empty pipe and CFRP filled pipe were respectively tested by three-point bending CFRP, with a span of 300mm and a loading speed of 2mm/min. CFRP on the pressure head down load distance is 80 mm (because of the support platform with CFRP under the initial position of the bottom of sample spacing of about 100 mm, in order to ensure the samples are in the process of CFRP bending don't contact with the support, so the unified loading CFRP distance would be a 80 mm), through the system can automatically obtain the experiment process of CFRP load - displacement curve, peak load data, and then use this data to CFRP to calculate the energy absorption and energy absorption .

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