Calibration Method And Standard For Frequency Transformer Testing And Metering Equipment

- Jun 10, 2019-

Calibration method and standard for Frequency Transformer testing and metering equipment

in accordance with the ISO standards and requirements, in order to ensure the quality and consistency of our products, our test equipment should be sent to a professional measurement institution to check once a year.

Testing is a key part of our production. Have you calibrated the comprehensive tester, digital bridge, resistance tester and voltage withstand tester? Are you aware of the impact on our quality if these instruments are biased?

If your product inductance in our company test result is good, but sent to the customer test found to be defective. That proves that we have deviated from the customer's instrument, but which equipment tested out the correct result? Then we need to find a professional instrument calibration institutions to calibrate the accuracy of the instrument.

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