Causes Of Poor Resistance In Switching Mode Transformer

- Jun 03, 2019-

Power Supply Transformer countermeasures for improvement of bad projects:
A- check the wire diameter to see if there is any problem according to the work instruction, and replace the correct wire timely if there is any problem.
B- analyze the root cause of the problem of insufficient winding number from the machine setting (or whether the machine breaks down) and the operation methods of the staff. Correct and comply with work instruction.
C- choose the skeleton and magnetic core that meet the requirements of the customer and match the resistance value of the wire.
D- check more often if there is any abnormality in the wire clip, and lower the tension without affecting the wire arrangement (use the pressure regulating wire plate, tensioner, and use tensioner to measure whether the tension is within the safe range).
E- regularly measure the temperature of the tin furnace to ensure that the tin furnace works under the normal required temperature, and appropriately increase the solder temperature and time for the thick wire.
F - at 20 ℃ and 25 ℃ under room temperature environment test, or through the calculation of wire resistance value, to determine the DCR value;

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