SMT inductor

- Sep 25, 2018-

4It is said that if you are not afraid of ten thousand, you are afraid of the eventuality. Indeed, let's take SMT inductance as an example. What should we pay attention to when SMT inductance is replaced?
If the patch inductance has been damaged, it is common practice to find the similar inductance on the used circuit board, or to estimate its inductance and the current value, replace it with the common inductance with pin, and fix it on the circuit board with insulating glue. Or self-winding inductance substitution according to the number of turns and wire diameter of damaged inductance; Or for the power filter effect of the inductance, emergency maintenance can be replaced by short wire connection. Of course, there are a few questions:
1. Some SMT inductors can be soldered by reflow soldering and wave soldering, but some SMT inductors cannot be soldered by wave soldering
2. The maximum current allowed is also an indicator of the patch inductance. This indicator of capacitance must be considered when a circuit is required to carry a large current through.
3. Different products have different coil diameters, same inductance and different dc resistance. In the high frequency loop, dc resistance has a great influence on Q value
4. When the power induction is used in DC/DC converters, the inductance size directly affects the working state of the circuit. In practice, the method of increasing or decreasing the coil can be used to change the inductance to obtain the best effect.

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