China Transformer Future

- Jun 21, 2018-

Forward-looking industry research institute "in 2013-2017 China's dry type transformer industry market demand forecast and investment strategy analysis report, according to the" twelfth five-year "period, the state grid company will invest more than 300 billion yuan for ac uhv construction, 2015 would be a" three vertical and three horizontal "as the core of the" three China "ac uhv grid synchronization, 38 new uhv substations and substation capacity of 260 million kva, 26000 km of new uhv ac transmission lines; We have developed 15 direct current projects with a total capacity of 230 million kilowatts and a total length of 25,000 kilometers of lines.
Meanwhile, the construction of China's smart power grid will give priority to the development of long-distance ultra-high voltage transmission. The theme of the smart grid, power grid development in China 2020 years ago, China due to the unbalanced distribution of power resources and power load, the priority to the development of uhv transmission, according to its Chinese and south network planning, uhv total investment will exceed 700 billion yuan more than 2020 years ago, its investment is 633 billion yuan.
In recent years, the global market demand for transmission and distribution equipment is on the rise. China is one of the fastest growing markets and has become the second largest in the world. Especially in the recent period, the construction of projects such as west-east transmission, north-south mutual supply and interregional networking has been accelerated, which has led to the rapid development of China's power transmission and distribution equipment industry. In view of the current market development, the dry transformer manufacturing industry will usher in a sustained and stable development period in the next few years.

The above is China's transformer future