Coil Transformer Winding Machine

- Jun 18, 2019-

Line machine
A winding machine that rotates by the main shaft and moves through the space in three dimensions to position the wire in a spiral arrangement on the outer layer of a workpiece. It is commonly used to process most transformers, inductors and various types of coils. It is the most widely used winding machine.


A winding machine that rotates through the main shaft (the wire storage wheel) and coordinates with the action of the auxiliary wheel so that the wire is arranged in a hollow circle, hollow square or other similar workpiece in a spiral ring shape. It is usually used for machining ring coil.

Fly fork type

A winder that USES a side motor to drive a flying fork for winding. It is usually used for winding of cross instrument coil and rotor.

3 d model

To adapt to the special winding mode of special products produced by the winding machine.

Winding machine