Coil Winding Machine

- Jun 16, 2019-

Automatic type of the transfromer coil winding machine

Pioneered by Japan in response to rising labor and product quality requirements. Through the motor, electric components, pneumatic components, transmission devices, sensors, control systems and other combinations into a high degree of automation equipment. Usually it can arrange the wire automatically, twist the head, break the clamp wire, twist the thread, and load and unload the material. Operators only need to ensure sufficient raw materials and timely replacement when there is no workpiece or copper wire to ensure continuous production, usually with a high number of shafts to achieve high efficiency. Machines that are automated enough to allow one employee to take care of more than one device at a time.
Advantages: operators without training directly on the job, high production efficiency, product quality uniform, can work for a long time without interruption.
Disadvantages: higher than the semi-automatic equipment, need a long time to run to recover the cost and produce benefits, need to be specially equipped with technicians to ensure the operation of equipment, fault maintenance is more cumbersome, it is difficult to replace the product categories.
Suitable for mass production of single mature products.

Winding machine