Coil Winding Machine

- Jul 02, 2019-

Special machine for square winding transformer;
1. Special use for square transformer --(special use for thin wire, special use for thick wire)
2, ring transformer special -(large ring machine, central machine, small ring machine)
3. Other types of transformer
Special machine for winding motor coil
1. Special fan motor (base fan, ceiling fan, rotary fan)
2. Special machine for toy miniature motor; (flying fork type, special winding head type)
3. Special machine for series excited rotor coil (power tools)
4, fractional horsepower motor, and special machine for high horsepower motor.
Inductance winding machine
1. Special machine for midweek and color code inductance
2, small magnetic ring inductor coil special machine
3, speaker frequency divider coil special machine
4, fluorescent lamp (electronic energy-saving lamp) special ballast machine
Other special winding machine horn voice coil winding machine
1. Loudspeaker voice coil special machine
2. Special electric heat pipe machine
3. Insulation tape wrapping machine
4. Special machine for textile yarn splitting
Winding machine by the degree of automation can be divided into simple, semi-automatic, automatic. The electronic control mode has the numerical control microcomputer and the IBM computer control. It is classified into desktop and floor type machines by installation mode.

Winding machine