EE High Frequency Transformer

- May 22, 2018-

EE high frequency transformer

EE high frequency transformer 

Bakelite powder is A kind of insulating material, high dielectric constant, usually for skeleton, the production of terminals, terminal board, but only 130 - degree heat resistance level, high frequency transformer, because of its core Curie temperature is low, so the design temperature is lower, also designed A level 105 degrees or more B 130 degrees, so, can be used as high-frequency transformer insulation bakelite.

Phenolic resin disadvantage is that the poor mechanical properties, oil and chemical corrosion resistance, in order to overcome these defects, the people to the modification of phenolic resin, the phenolic resin with different modified phenolic plastic packing of different function can be obtained, such as asbestos, mica and incorporated in the recipe can increase its acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, can be used as chemical equipment materials and electrical, auto parts; Adding glass fiber can increase hardness and can be used as machine parts. The oil resistance and impact strength of nitrile rubber were improved greatly. The mechanical strength and acid resistance can be improved by the modification of PVC.

EElectric wood products: bakelite has been widely used in many parts of our lives, such as: bakelite sockets, bakelite switches, wooden handle, bakelite, hulus, bakelite record, bakelite handle, handle, handle, handle, tissue boxes, stoves board machine, bakelite tea tray, billiard ball and so on.