EE13 EE16 Automatic Winding Machine

- Jun 25, 2019-

Foil coil winding machine is the key equipment of low foil coil winding tension control and foil belt deviation rectification is foil coil winding machine is the key technology of the existing domestic or imported foil coil winding machine of the foil belt tension is produced by way of mechanical friction, the tension is not stable, will cause uneven tightness, the winding coil winding dc resistance, between coil diameter super some shortcomings existing domestic manufacturers to develop new digital foil winding machine, the machine USES dc motor produces foil belt tension, its characteristic is convenient and accurate tension adjustmentGood stability, the whole process of winding tension remains the same, which can ensure that the coil winding quality especially the tension adjusting range wide, more suitable for thinner foil tape winding, won't cause damage to foil with client side and tension electrical power in the state of tension, the energy generated, you can feedback to winding motor or grid, no friction braking friction energy consumption the way of tension, energy conservation significantly and control system will automatically calculate the uncoiling machine roll diameter, to adjust the motor output torque, to ensure the whole process of winding tension constant, hold the key to ensure the quality of the coilAt the same time, the device's deviation adjustment system adopts photoelectric analog sensor to detect the edge of foil band in non-contact. Through dynamic deviation correction by servo motor, the system has high precision, fast response, high reliability and high deviation adjustment accuracy. According to existing data, the equipment technology has been in the world's leading level.

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