Ee16 Transformer Winding Machine

- Jun 28, 2019-

The characteristics of the transformer winding machine editor we know first variable pressure coil winding machine, winding it USES computer CNC control system, the spindle with CPLD decoding speed measuring precision positioning, and equipped with constant current chopper driver stepper motor wiring, quick and precise, ensure equipment normal operation, it is widely used in switching power supply transformer supply type transformer, inductance coil, and other products manufacturing of transformer winding machine is mainly used in the high and low voltage transformer winding processing, mainly divided into automaticApplication of two kinds of numerical control, numerical control machine is currently more equipment, transformer winding machine after several generation of improvement and development, on the function and processing capacity has been rapid development on the structure of the transformer winding machine is mainly composed of the fuselage frame spindle body and tail frame support frame and other parts, because the weight of the transformer coil has certain processing at the same time also need to bear the external force of knock plastic, so the coiling machine body frame are used to bear ability strong steel, according to the size of the machine processing capacity is divided into small in large three types, bearing capacity is not the sameSpindle system are key components in transformer winding machine, it will be the motor power through multiple reduction will output torque amplification, after has meet the processing of transformer coil winding, generally USES the motor + reducer organization structure to configure, variable speed institutions generally adopts motor variable frequency variable speed or speed reducer gear switch to achieve transformer winding machine data storage grade 0 ~ 999 steps sequence with, can high speed positive &negative, winding circle number accurate, use automatic problems in data save, CNC can monitor and display the production situation, set a simple, easy to operateTransformer winding machine is the main type of transformer coil processing

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