EE19 Automatic Winding Machine

- Jun 26, 2019-

Now use the transformer capacity, the greater the impact on power grid is, the greater the its security is becoming more and more demanding of transformer manufacturing quality performance, not only requires the electrical performance is reliable, mechanical stability anti-short circuit ability should also be more reliable stability mainly on the coil manufacturing process control, which requires high and low voltage coil electromagnetic balance, axial interturn closely distributed evenly so wants coil winding process of axial compression, the radial to tight, using vertical winding machine use line of every pie, the natural pressure, axial radial use tensioner control forceSo now large transformer high voltage coil winding is generally adopted in vertical winding machine, even low pressure spiral coil is adopted vertical winding machine production of vertical now further toward large-scale development of the original vertical winding airborne weighs only 20 t, has now increased to 40 t, coil diameter maximum service to 3500 mm, maximum height reached to 4000 mm using airbags board type tensioning device, tension size and figures show that the tension control is more accurate and stable and reliableIn order to improve the size accuracy of winding coil, the radial runout of vertical winding machine is controlled, and the fixed device of winding die shaft head is added.In order to control the axial runout, the high-precision double-row roller type large bearing is used. Therefore, by using special equipment of winding winding, the winding production reaches a new level, so that the transformer can further reduce the loss, reduce the local discharge, reduce the weight and reduce the cost.

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