Ee25 Transformer

- May 31, 2018-

Dear Lily, Please see below and confirm if all the questions were clarified. 

1) Inverted Pins

Please invert the pins as follows:

Inverted pins: 1 with 8; 2 with 7; 3 to 6; 4 to 5;


2) Mechanical weakness of the reel

We noted that the reel is weak and shipping and handling for placement on the board may cause it to break.

Please check the possibility of changing the reel


3) A layer of insulation tape has been added in the last winding, this raises the temperature of the copper and causes the yield of the component to fall.

Please remove insulation tape from the last winding


4) There was a very large variation in winding resistance at the 100kHz frequency, which causes a variation of Driver performance.

Please decrease electrical resistance of primary and secondary windings for increased performance.

ee25 bobbin transformer