Ee33 Transformer Winding Machine

- Jun 27, 2019-

Horizontal winding machine
From the perspective of transformer winding structure design, not all the coils can be produced by vertical winding machine. Such as layer structure, multi - helix structure coil. If this kind of coil USES the ordinary horizontal winding machine to wrap after, the axial direction does not add any pressure to wrap, the line segment clearance is very big, like a compression spring. The diameter of the coil becomes larger after the coil is compressed, resulting in a gap between the coil and the paper tube, which will cause axial instability of the coil. In case of axial electrical force, the coil may be damaged. Therefore, the horizontal winding machine with axial and radial compression is widely used in the production of large transformer coils. With the transformer performance requirements are higher and higher, the general production of small and medium-sized transformers, also gradually began to use the compression type horizontal winding machine.
In order to control the compression force more accurately, the torque motor or cylinder used in the original compression mechanism generates the pressure, which has been replaced by the servo motor. In order to control the size tolerance of winding coil, add grating ruler and measure the size of coil online. The winding tension of each reel on the multi-axis winding car is independently controlled, and the winding car follows up according to the length of winding coil, so as to avoid new stress caused by wire distortion and reduce eddy current loss of winding.

Winding machine