Etd High Frequency Transformer

- May 20, 2018-

ETD high frequency transformer

ETD high frequency transformer there are two main types: the core of low-frequency transformer, such as silicon steel sheet and silicon steel sheet, etc. Is a kind of high frequency transformer core, strictly speaking, the core should be called lots core lots better, it is composed of ferrite magnetic powder, high temperature sintering process, usually we hear lots lots of core in the factory, this is just a habit way since everyone is so called, may use it.

Core is to increase the effect of magnetic field strength form a loop, called core, mainly because it is made using ferrite magnetic material, silicon steel sheet and silicon steel sheet is in a kind of mild steel in a certain proportion of components made of silicon or silicon; The core is a certain percentage of the iron oxide in the nickel; Manganese; Zinc and other high temperature sintering, in this section of the description of the core is the magnetic core.

Is often used in transformer TAPE, TAPE the name is TAPE, also some called Myra (MAYLAG), the latter is directly expressed in the name of the base material English transliteration, TAPE in three things: the main function of transformer insulation, filling and fixed.