Feineng Tell You Why High Frequency Transformers Needing Test EMC

- Sep 27, 2019-

In order to regulate the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products, all developed countries and some developing countries have developed electromagnetic compatibility standards. Emc standard is the basic requirement to make the product work normally in the actual electromagnetic environment. The reason why it is called basic requirement is that even if the product meets emc standards, interference problems may occur in actual use. Most national standards are based on those of the international electrotechnical commission (IEC).Many high-frequency transformer manufacturers do not test EMC for their products, which leads to some bad phenomena such as flashing screen in the use of end customers. Because EMC test has higher requirements on the environment, it is necessary to stay away from other relevant machines during the test, otherwise the test results of the product will be affected. However, the high-frequency transformer produced by jinlai technology has been tested by EMC, which ensures the product quality to a greater extent, so that customers can feel at ease when using it.