How About The Aluminum Enclosure Surface Anodizing

- Jun 12, 2018-

How about the surface anodizing treatment of metal wire drawing process?

With the development of grinding industry in China, the demand of metal wire drawing cutting tools, especially nc cutting tools with high precision requirements, is increasing. The production of cutting tools takes the whole cemented carbide process as an example. The main trick is grinding, including grinding tool groove of grinding machine, grinding side edge and end edge of manual tool until finished product. The new process is to use imported nc tool grinding instead of manual grinding to complete all the grinding procedures, a single clamping can be used to process sand belt, grinding wheel and other main products.

Is actually comes from domestic factories now use drawing technology of nc tool grinding basically for imported 5-axis linkage multi-function CNC tool grinding, precision can reach 1 badge meters or more, the software can be provided convenient production or grinding almost all of the cutting tools, machine tools, of course, the high precision and large arc of the software and the function is need to pay a high price, for example, we in the production of conventional H7 accuracy level for cemented carbide abrasive belt, grinding wheel, can only lead to the demand of the costs of abrasive belt, grinding wheel, the other by F imported