How Does The High Frequency Transformer Change The Voltage

- Jul 12, 2018-

How does the high frequency transformer change the voltage

Change two coil laps than in the second coil L will get a different voltage, according to the principle of the transformer is made of a kind of transform ac voltage, current and impedance of the device will be the primary coil and secondary coil turns to use the proper proportion, can put the circuit of voltage rise and fall. Can be expressed by formula, that is;

Primary voltage (U1)/secondary voltage (U2) = primary cycles (n1)/secondary cycles (n2)

It should be noted that any transformer can only transfer power from primary to secondary sources. Raise or lower the voltage, but not increase the power. The voltage ratio of the transformer's primary and secondary voltage is equal to that of the secondary and primary current. It can be said that the power of primary input is equal to that of secondary output without considering the loss of transformer. The working principle diagram of the transformer is shown in the figure below.

high frequency transformer is a static electrical device. It is a device that converts a certain level of ac voltage and current to another level of voltage and current of the same frequency according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Functions: to change ac voltage, ac current and impedance.

A simple single-phase transformer consists of two conductors. When one of these conductors passes through an unquantifiable current (such as alternating current or pulsed dc), a variable magnetic field is created. According to the principle of mutual inductance of electromagnetism, the changing magnetic field will cause a second conductor to produce a potential difference. If the second conductor is part of a closed circuit, the closed circuit will generate current. Electricity is then transmitted.

n a general-purpose transformer, the conductive material in question is a coil of (mostly copper) wires that generate a much larger magnetic field than a straight wire.
According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the coil in changing magnetic field will generate induction current. The transformer has at least two coils, called the original side and the auxiliary side. The intensity of magnetic field is related to the induced current and winding number.
Regardless of the loss, the power transmitted by the transformer is the same, so that the voltage generated by the side edge will change according to the change in the number of turns of the coil, thus changing the voltage, hence the name of the transformer.
Because only the alternating magnetic field can have the electromagnetic induction phenomenon, and the magnetic field produced by direct current is constant, so the transformer can only change the ac voltage.