How Does The High Frequency Transformer Winding

- Jul 24, 2018-

Winding is the circuit part of high frequency transformer, which is used to transmit electric energy. Generally, it is divided into high voltage winding and low voltage winding.Pick up on the low voltage winding is referred to as the low voltage winding from the transformation of energy transfer, pick up on the power supply, referred to as the original absorbs energy from the power of winding winding (also called a winding or primary winding);Winding is connected to the load, the load transfer electrical energy said vice winding (also known as the secondary winding) or secondary winding winding is generally use insulated copper wire number of turns of the winding and high voltage winding conductor cross section is small;Less number of turns of the low voltage winding conductor cross section in order to guarantee transformer can be safe and reliable operation and there is plenty of life, the electrical properties of heat resistance and mechanical strength of winding has certain requirements of winding is according to certain rules to connect several combination according to the high voltage and low voltage windings of coil position is different, each winding structure can be divided into concentric type and fold type two concentric winding is high voltage and low voltage windings concentrically suit on core column for insulation is convenient, low voltage winding is pressed against the core, the outside of the high voltage winding is set in the low voltage winding, between the two winding with oilOil channel 1 serves as the insulation gap between windings.Second, as the cooling channel, the oil from the oil duct flow through the cooling coil in the single-phase transformer, high low voltage winding is divided into two parts, the suit respectively on two core column, the two parts can be in series or in parallel;Belong to the same phase in three-phase transformer low voltage winding is all set on the same core column of the concentric winding, simple in structure, convenient in manufacture, heart type transformer are generally adopted the structure of overlapping type winding is high voltage and low voltage windings can be divided into several line loaves of bread, along the core column arranged alternately and to facilitate the insulation and heat dissipation, high voltage winding between low voltage winding and left in the oil duct and the top and bottom layers near the iron yoke was laid low voltage winding overlapping type winding of high mechanical strength, convenient, lead the structure commonly used shell type high frequency transformer