India Customer Ajay Visit Our Factory

- Apr 08, 2019-

March 30, 2019, we pick up india customer AJAY  at 2 PM from the hotel  ,  since last year before the Spring Festival Ajay have expressed a deep interestour to our  transformer automatic  assembly magnetic core machine and transformer automatic winding machine, because the India market of product quality and production requirements is not high, generally AJAY had vision very much, he want to be a pioneering of high-frequency transformer quality and output of the leader, AJAY visited our transfomer machines workshop as well as the transformer  workshop, for winding machine and automatic magnetic  core machine he ask many questions and suggestion were put forward,At first, the talks were held in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Soon, the negotiation on unit price met with obstacles, but finally, on the basis of mutual understanding, everyone spoke freely and finally reached an agreement.According to the customer's requirements, I signed the PI and some details on the spot.The client's visit was a complete success.