Introduction Of Three Kinds Of Magnetic Cores Of Switching Power Supply Transformer

- Jun 09, 2019-

Introduction of three kinds of magnetic cores of Switching Power Supply Transformer

  1. High frequency: iron powder core Ferritecore

Ferrite core is used in high-frequency transformers. It is a ceramic magnet with a crystalline structure of spinel, which is iron oxide and other bivalent metallic compounds. For example, kFe2O4(k stands for other metals), the commonly used metals are manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), nickel (Ni), magnesium (Ng) and copper (Cu).
Its commonly used combinations are manganese zinc (Mn Zn) series, nickel zinc (Ni Zn) series and magnesium zinc (Mg Zn) series. This material has high magnetic conductivity and impedance properties, and its frequency range ranges from 1kHz to over 200kHz

2. Low-frequency: LAMINATION

Silicon steel sheet is used for low-frequency transformer, and there are many kinds of it, which can be divided into A: calcined (black sheet) and N: non-calcined (white sheet) according to the manufacturing process. According to their different shapes, they can be divided into EI type, UI type, C type and lip type.
The silicon steel plate is often used in transformers with large power. It has good insulation performance and is easy to dissipate heat. At the same time, it has magnetic short circuit.

A set of silicon steel sheets composed of two c-type silicon steel sheets is called cd-type silicon steel sheets. Under the condition of the same cross-sectional area, the higher the window is, the greater the transformer power will be. Coils can be installed on both sides of the core, so the coil turns of the transformer can be distributed on two wire packets, so that the average turns of each wire packet are shorter and the copper loss of the coil is reduced. In addition, complete symmetry can be achieved if the two coils required to be symmetrical are wound on two wire packages.

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