Matters Needing Attention In Anodic Aluminium Enclosure

- Sep 21, 2019-

Anodic oxidation operation requirements :

  1. The anodized profile must maintain a large inclination when entering the coloring groove, and be placed in the middle of the poles to ensure the equal distance between the left and right poles.

  2. When sending the electricity coloring, the driving hook and the conductive beam hook must be off, and static 0.5~1 minute before sending the electricity coloring.

  3. The coloring voltage of the same color must be equal.

  4. Bronze at the end of the slot coloring, must immediately lifting, bath flow as soon as possible, as soon as possible transfer to sink washed, fully wash the profiles of the inner hole after acid to coloring colorimetric board, when the color too shallow, again into the coloring trough electricity complementary color, when the color is too deep, back into the coloring trough (without power) or oxidation groove at the back of the acid tank fade (bronze series).

  5. Because golden color cannot fade, setting when coloring time shoulds not be too long.

  6. After the colored profile should be fully washed with acid water after secondary washing, electrophoresis or hole sealing treatment.