Our Company Has Developed And Produced A Series Of Transformer Machines

- Apr 23, 2019-

In recent years, our company has developed and produced a series of high frequency transformer machines, such as automatic winding machine, optional functions: vibration plate automatic feeding, packing tape function, manual feeding, automatic magnet core loading machine, optional functions:3. to set up finished products, full- automatic wrap tape machine, Semi-automatic wrap tape machine, automatic retest machine series, automatic tin dipping machine series, The casing machine series etc.

Full automatic winding machine series characteristics:

1. The machine structure design is simple and reasonable,  the important standard accessories are all high-end brands which ensures the fast operation speed, high precision, good stability and strong rigidity of the equipment, and greatly extends the service life of the equipment.

2. The machine is equipped with a touch screen, Chinese and English control system which is easy to operate, to learn ,to understand and to maintain, help the users save more time and greatly improving the production efficiency.

3. The design of quick replacement fixture chuck can effectively save the time of product type change.

4. Multiple functions are available for users to choose freely.

5. This machine is used for winding transformer products aim to replace the manual operation, its with wide feeding range, high production quality, fast production efficiency, it will reduce labor cost and control product cost greatly, easy operation be widely used in the inverter production field.

magnet core machine