Poor High Frequency Power Transformer Improvement Methods

- Jun 01, 2019-

Guangzhou feineng electronic co ltd is a professional Switching Power Supply Transformer manufacturers, our technical department High Frequency High Voltage Transformer design, Switching Power Supply Transformer design, for the many product defect reason, they have their own opinion. 

for the bad winding turn number, there are some methods for improvement of it:

A. maintenance and gear replacement require the operator to clear the zero after winding each time. Contact equipment manufacturer to purchase and replace brake sensor of winding machine.
B. Check whether the machine setting is consistent with the operation instruction. Under normal circumstances, the number of machine setting should be one less than the actual number of turns.
C. Instruct operators to withdraw completely if rewinding is required due to bad wiring or other reasons, or to prevent wire rod from being discounted, and to ensure product quality, require employees to cut wire rod directly and rewind it.
D. Adjust the winding point or wire diameter of the winding machine to ensure that the winding is smooth and not stacked, and report for maintenance or replacement of winding machines with swaying of the wire rod or loose of the wire axis. At the same time, the staff is required to strengthen self-inspection, not winding uneven products into the next process.
E. Disassemble and test the comparison samples. If there is any mistake, the engineering department should be required to make the standard samples again.
F. Stop the slow train according to the number of product turns or rotation speed, generally around 1-3 turns.

G. Use a brush or eraser to test the contact point of the fixture. If the fixture is badly oxidized, you should apply for replacing the test fixture.

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