Power Isolation Transformer, High Frequency PCB Transformer

- Oct 09, 2019-

Basic Info

Model NO.: High Frequency Transformer Power Isolation Transformer,High Frequency PCB Transformer

    1. Switching power output and smoothing circuits

    2. Used as choke coil for high frequency SMPs

    3. Countermeasure against spike ripples

    4. EMI/RFI filters

    5. DC/DC converters

    6. IP and OP devices

    7. PCB circuits,

    8. Computer,

    9. TV,

    10. Monitor,

    11. Scanner,

    12. Duplicator,

    13. Mobile adapters,

    14. Printer

    15. Frequency Characteristics: High Frequency

Shape of Core: RM Transformer
Brand: Feineng RM High Frequency Transformer
Electronic Transformer Color: Optional
Frequency Electronic Transformer: Higher Than 10kHz- 200kHz
Features: Low Transmission, Strong Anti-Interference, Dist
RM Etd Ee Electronic Transformer: Windely Used Fax Machines, PBX
Efd25 Epcs Ee65 RM10 Transformer: DC Magnetic Transformer for Electrical Microwave
High Frequency Transformer Models Sereis: Ee, Etd, Efd, Er, Ep, Ec, RM, Pq, pH etc.
Trademark: Grewin RM High Frequency Transformer
Specification: CE
Origin: Guangdong China

Product Description

 Has a strong anti-interference, distributed capacitance, impedance, attenuation of low transmission, firm
structure,can fine-tune the inductance, etc., are widely used in fax
machines, PBX.

2). Applicable frequency range: 20 to 100kHz :
Operating frequency: higher than 200kHz
High magnetic flux and low loss magnetic materials
With low leakage inductance and high efficiency .