Principle And Function Of Magnetic Ring Inductance

- Aug 14, 2018-

The function and principle of inductance of magnetic ring are explained: inductance is the alternating magnetic flux generated around the wire when the current is passed through the ac current in the wire, and the ratio between the magnetic flux of the wire and the current producing the magnetic flux.But when by alternating current in the coil around it will appear changed over time, the lines of magnetic force according to the ferrari brother's law of electromagnetic induction - magnetic electricity to analyze, change of the magnetic field lines on both ends of the coil can produce induction electric potential, the induced potential of a new power supply when form a closed loop, the induced potential will be induced by the current lenz's law know to try to stop the total lines of magnetic force generated by the induction current lines of magnetic force change of magnetic field lines derived from alternating with the change of the power supply, therefore, from the objective effect, inductance coil has to stop, change characteristics of current in circuitInductance coil have similar characteristics and mechanics of inertia, named on the electrical inductance, usually in the open or connect knife switch, knife switch will happen spark, the self inductance phenomenon caused by the high induction electric potential, in short, when inductance coil from the ac power, the inside of the coil magnetic field lines will vary with the alternating current moment in change, causes the coil to generate electromagnetic induction this because of the change of current coil itself produces electromotive force, called self-induction electromotive force so that inductance is just a and coil number of turnsA parameter of size and shape relative to the medium, it's a measure of the inertia of the inductor coil and it's independent of the applied current and the digital device transmission line has a cylindrical thing what is this?It's the magnetic ring, the anti-interference magnetic ring, or the absorbing magnetic ring, the ferrite magnetic ring