Shielding Inductance

- Sep 18, 2018-

Shielded inductors are widely used in digital products, scanners, voltage converters, VCR power supplies, liquid crystal display components, portable terminals, laptops, computers and computer peripherals. The main models are CKCD, CKCH, CKCF, CKCR series. Of course, integrated inductance is also with shielding. What are the main differences between shielding inductance and non-shielding inductance?

1. Shielded inductance can't be seen as bare coil from the surface. Any exposed coil is non-shielded, but the non-bare coil is not necessarily shielded inductance.

2. One is open magnetic circuit and the other is closed magnetic circuit. The difference between the two is that magnetic circuit is always closed. The so-called closed magnetic circuit refers to that the whole closed magnetic circuit is composed of magnetic materials. The ring magnetic core is a typical closed magnetic circuit. The main difference is that the closed magnetic reluctance is very small, but the non-linearity may be more obvious. The magnetoresistive of open magnetic circuit is larger, but the linearity is better.

3. Shielding inductance is to protect the conductors, loops and coils from the influence of external magnetic field and to weaken the interference effect of electromagnetic field generated by the circuit on other components. Magnetic shielding or electromagnetic shielding methods are usually adopted.