Super High Strength Aluminum Alloy 7Y69 Has Been Successfully Developed

- Mar 26, 2019-

Recently, shaanxi super strong metal material science and technology co., LTD. Developed the aluminum alloy 7Y69, which exceeds all the existing international standards, and obtained 37 invention patents in this field. It is understood that the achievement after more than 10 years of hard research and development, the cost of more than 70 million yuan.

The invention of the super high strength aluminum alloy, the use of a new invention technology, the product has the characteristics of wear-resistant rigidity and high strength, in the international leading level. Super high strength aluminum alloy 7Y69 adopts new technology to produce high performance super wear resistance and super high strength products, its relative density can reach more than 99.6%, after subsequent hot processing (forging, rolling, extrusion or hot pressing), also can form full dense products.
After T6 treatment, the thermal conductivity of 7Y69 is approximately equal to 171W/m.K. The linear expansion coefficient is approximately equal to 23.5um/(m.K); Elongation A%3.5, hardness HRB 98, compressive strength greater than 80 mpa, the indicators are internationally leading.

The national Patent Office's patent description summary of 7Y69 says: "the invention provides a super high strength aluminum alloy and a preparation method thereof. Its microstructure is obviously refined, and the precipitated phase is fine and evenly distributed, so that its mechanical properties are almost anisotropic, and it has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, high stiffness and lightweight. The experimental results show that the extra-high strength aluminum alloy provided by the invention has a tensile strength of 917MPa and a yield strength of 874MPa after T6 treatment.Compared with the traditional process, the technology to ensure the fine alloy uniform distribution, no segregation phenomenon, has high precision and uniform organization, excellent performance, low comprehensive cost of production, and with high corrosion resistance, high salt, high acid and alkali has good corrosion resistance, especially for the water of the sea has a unique KangFuXing, product experiment for thr

ee years in each area in our country still if brightness is new, no sea creatures parasitism, and no pollution to the environment, harmless to the human body.

The invention of the super high strength aluminum alloy, its significance is not only in the optimization of aluminum alloy performance and the leading indicators in the world, but also in its wide range of applications and manufacturing prospects.
Relevant experts believe that the invention and application of extra-high strength aluminum alloy have completely solved the material problem for the manufacturing of oil and natural gas transmission pipelines and ultra-high pressure vessels, making China leap into the world's leading position in the manufacturing field of ultra-high pressure vessels.
The products made of super high strength aluminum alloy can be widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, weapons industry, petroleum pipeline transportation, urban water transmission pipe network, electronic information engineering, modern architecture, traffic bridge, medical equipment, auto parts, construction machinery and so on. In particular, the melting point of this product is only 780 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for 3D printing materials.