The Coil Transformer Winding Machine

- Jun 22, 2019-

About the maintain transformer coil winding machine

Improve the environment quality standard for some very strange fault, replace with exclusion method also can not find out the reason, often require from the surrounding environment, the environment generally fall into two kinds, power supply and space power to improve the voltage isolation can be used power, to improve from power fluctuations, for some high frequency interference from the power supply capacitor filter method can be used, through these preventive measures to reduce the fault caused because of the power supply, and check whether the ground is good also is very be necessary because there are many kinds of space interference, dust, gas, etc., the foundation of vainVibration, such as space radiation interference, etc., to name but a few, need experienced maintenance technicians and professional equipment to detect and maintenance information tracking method, according to the actual work and previous winding machine fault records, can be found because of the winding machine faults caused by accidental design or production process and can be through continuous modification and improvement of the system software or hardware to solve these changes in the form of maintenance information to provide maintenance personnel through the customer feedback, company can this as the basis of troubleshooting, completely eradicate the fault correctly, reasonable user feedback is also my company constantly improve the strong powerAnyhow, coiling machine repair the first step is to according to the fault phenomena, discriminant failure and the real reason for failure parts as soon as possible, these fault processing method, practical application, there is no strict boundaries, sometimes with only one way to troubleshoot, may also need a variety of methods at the same time the effect mainly depends on the experience of maintenance technician, and its principle and structure of system to understand and grasp the depthThis is not only the maintenance personnel must have the quality, but at the same time puts forward high demands on maintenance personnel, it requires that the CNC coiling machine maintenance personnel familiar with the structure and design idea of winding machine, familiar with the performance of the CNC coiling machine, only in this way, can quickly find out the cause of the problem, determine the fault location, in addition, the maintenance of in order to conduct site surveying and mapping of some circuits and components, as a senior maintenance personnel shall also have a certain ability to draw engineering drawings.

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