The Customer need Aluminum Electronic Enclosure

- Apr 11, 2019-

March 31, the India customers Youssef and his friend Mr Tarek came to our factory directly by taxi, as for the long time talking , i know they are interesting in our transformer ee19, ec4045 ,inductor and our aluminum extruded enclosure KS-0338-A/B, after the discussing, they ask sample and price for the all transfomers inductor and extruded case, they are satisfied with our quotation, 

I was a little surprised. Usually, Indian customers are very price sensitive. The price can only be discussed several times before agree, i am fortunately, we met the high quality India clients this time. we accept send the ee19 , ec4045 and coil inductor samples within 3 days before they left China. 

Wow, they place the order once they got the sample. so quick, smoothly, we finish one order within one week. this is the fantastic experience ! i enjoy it.