We Received Letters Of Commendation From Our Aluminum Alloy Enclosure Customers

- Apr 18, 2019-

Here is a letter of praise

Lily. Before we continue with further details on this new aluminum case samples, I would like to say to you all at feleng and yourself for all the job done. We received the aluminum extruded enclosures today. We must say we are more than satysfied. the aluminum extruded casing look excellent, all adjustments made turned out excellent, the laser print is excellent quality, the aluminum enclosures are solid and neat. The design colors, it all looks just so perfect we must say we are truly grateful for this, its been a long journey and now coming to this point makes us all very excited to what comes ahead of us now. We are going to be able do wonderful things with these products you are handing us, they add up to a series of elements of superior quality that build our systems. Your job is really important for the best outcome of our product and you covered the task completely, really appreciate all your work and let me congrstulate you in the name of the team for the great job done. We are certain now we came to the right place. Lets hope for great things from now on for us all in this journey we begin to travel together now with this project. 

Thank you a lot for all your assistance and advice through all this process, wasnt easy but the outcome makes it totally worth it. Im happy for the results.