What Is Switching Mode Transformer Magnetic Saturation

- Jun 05, 2019-

What is a magnetic saturation of High Frequency Ferrite Transformer core is permeable material, but the unit on the cross section by flux is limited, when the magnetic flux density increases to a certain value, through the core flux will not increase or increase slowly, when we say iron core saturation, that is to say, the saturated Smps Transformer saturation can lead to a transformer to lose the ability to store energy, directly into a channel state in the circuitPopular point, like a glass of water constantly add sugar, sugar is dissolved by water, but too much sugar, water can no longer continue to add the sugar has dissolved, is this glass of water after reaching the most sugar can dissolve, we say that the sugar in the glass of water is saturated, the same current, magnetic fields generated in the process of working in a transformer, current and voltage increases, the magnetic field strength increases, but the increase is not unlimited when transformer the permeability of magnetic field in the body to achieve a monohydrate at ordinary times, the increase of the electric current cannot increase the field strength at this time, think that the transformer magnetic saturation, and make the current intensity of reach a magnetic saturation of transformer, is considered to be the saturation current of the transformer is generally speaking, work inductor current exceeds saturation current, or magnetic conductor (such as transformer core permeability is too low, not enough volume (lines of magnetic force density too big), easy to cause the magnetic saturation of simple speaking, if a core coil and current, with a little more, the magnetic field will also strengthen, when the current reaches a certain degree, the magnetic field generated no longer continue to strengthen, the core and coil to the saturated zone, magnetic core in the saturated state.

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