What Is The Countermeasures For Shourt Circuit Between High Frequency Transformer Layers

- Jul 10, 2018-

Countermeasures for short circuit between high frequency transformer layers

1) replace or repair the damaged winding, liner and insulated cylinder.
(2) dip and dry treatment.
(3) replace or repair winding.
(4) remove the sundries in the oil passage.
If there are conditions, some of the defects can be detected by means of current test. But this kind of bad is recessive bad. It doesn't have to be completely measured, but it's only partially guaranteed relative to our traditional tests. The most important thing is to require the staff to follow the content of the SOP and conduct standardized work for line diameter and so on. In view of the characteristics of the product, the emphasis is on the testing and testing of some areas prone to defects. Some places are needed from the beginning of the design to focus on prevention, such as the width of the retaining wall.

How does the high frequency transformer change the voltage?

primary coil and secondary coil winding on the same core, after electrify, when a coil to produce alternating magnetic flux in the core, the alternating magnetic flux (electric magnetic) through the secondary coil, according to the law of electromagnetic induction, will be produced in the secondary coil of alternating electric potential, magnetic raw (electric) due to a secondary lateral line circle circle number, therefore, the secondary side voltage range, the voltage is calculated according to the size of the core steel plate and the secondary coil number.

High frequency transformer is a kind of electric energy transmission or important component of signal transmission from one circuit to another by using electromagnetic induction principle. When there is an ac current in the primary coil, alternating flux is produced in the iron core, which induces voltage (or current) in the secondary coil. The transformer consists of an iron core and a coil. The coil has two or more winding. Among them, the winding of power connection is called primary coil, and the other winding is called secondary coil.