What Is The Harm Of Transformer Radiation To Human Body

- Jun 26, 2018-

The harm of transformer radiation to human body

During the operation of the transformer, in addition to the environmental noise, there will be electromagnetic radiation. If the electromagnetic radiation exceeds the specified energy limit, the electromagnetic radiation pollution will be formed. Electromagnetic radiation pollution can cause a lot of harm, among which the harm to the human body is mainly to cause the human plant nervous function disorder, blood pressure, blood phase imbalance, and even damage to the eyes.

In addition, the distance of transformer radiation is related to power, and the size of influence is still being demonstrated. The general conclusion is that infants, pregnant women, the elderly and the sick are the most affected. Your family is close to you.

What is the safe distance of the transformer radiation
China's environmental standards for transmission and transformation of electromagnetic fields are more stringent than international standards. The world health organization recommends that the intensity exposure limit of the power frequency electric field to protect public health be 5 kv/m, and the intensity exposure limit of the power frequency magnetic field is 0.1 millitesla. In China, the protection limit for the public is 4 kv/m for electric field and 0.1 millitesla for magnetic field. In fact, electromagnetic fields are everywhere in our life.

It is estimated that when we enjoy the beautiful moonlight, when we turn on the TV at home, the electromagnetic field around us is much stronger than the transmission line. Earth itself has a magnetic field, the earth magnetic field and magnetic fields produced by transmission facilities, can also be interesting conclusion: the magnetic field data observed in Beijing for 54 tesla, when magnetic field inversion, a maximum intensity is about 100 micro tesla, 50-100 times that of electromagnetic transmission facilities. This shows that people living in dozens of micro tesla's electromagnetic field is almost don't have any feelings, even in the substation within 24 hours on duty staff, their health will not be affected.