What Is The Influence Of High Frequency Transformer Leakage On Rectifier Circuit

- Jul 03, 2018-

Influence of high frequency transformer leakage on rectifier circuit

1) the Ud at both ends of the load output of the rectifier decreases, and there is an overlapping Angle of commutation.
2) the working state of rectifier circuit increases.
3) the di/dt of thyristor decreases, and the reduction of current change rate is conducive to the safe conduction of thyristor.
4) there is a gap in the thyristor voltage during the phase change, producing a positive du/dt. The positive voltage change rate will lead to misleading thyristor, so the absorption circuit should be added.

5) it may lead to a gap in the voltage of the power grid and cause interference to the power grid.

The method of reducing leakage inductance of transformer
1. Change the winding method of the transformer and adopt a "sandwich" structure to wrap the transformer, so that the leakage inductance will be reduced;
2. For small power transformers, shell iron core can be adopted, with ferrite as material, which can increase the shielding effect.
3. Determine the configuration of the windings in the coil according to different situations. The cross-winding can enhance the coupling of each other and ultimately reduce leakage.

4. Draw out the line at the right moment and at the right Angle as far as possible

Leakage measurement
The size of the leakage inductance of the transformer is a measure of a transformer is an important item, good for transformer primary coil and secondary coil, therefore when measuring the leakage inductance of the general is the secondary winding short circuit, measurement of the primary winding inductance, the inductance is the leakage inductance of the primary to secondary, similarly to the primary winding short circuit, test methods, test the LCR table available