What Is Wire Drawing And Surface Oxidation

- Jun 14, 2018-

  • What is wire drawing and surface oxidation?

Drawing has nothing to do with the surface oxidation is indeed, the drawing is to is do before oxidation, another oxidation is certainly cannot use natural oxidation method, and natural oxidation surface should call quality defects, the oxide film and special processing of the oxide film composition and appearance are very different

In addition, coloring is not a post-treatment of oxidation, which is carried out at the same time as oxidation

Tinted anodic oxide film, aluminum anodic oxide film, colored by adsorbing dyes.Spontaneous anodic oxide film of color, this kind of anodic oxide film is a particular aluminum in the right kind of electrolyte (usually in organic acids as the base) under the effect of electrolysis, spontaneously generated by the alloy itself a kind of anodic oxide film with color.

Electrolytic coloring, the coloring of anodic oxide films, by electrodeposition of metal or metal oxides through the pores of the oxide film.

Drawing the resulting effect will have very little effect of concave and convex, but no matter whether you need to color, often need to deal with the surface oxidation, oxidation treatment aims to get a layer of protective film, in case of natural oxidation and oxidation film of the surface hardness is higher than raw materials, can protect, do not need to color, can choose the colorless transparent anode oxidation membrane.