Winding Machine For Transformer

- Jun 21, 2019-

How to maintain  the transormer winding machine?

The adjustment of adjustable parts such as winding tension, screen voltage, starting position of cable rack, etc., is a simple but effective method in maintenance. Correct some minor faults by adjusting the adjustable parts. If a winding machine used for many years is maintained in a certain enterprise, its system display screen is dull and normal after adjusting the power supply voltage of the screen.
Spare parts replacement method
In the maintenance of the winding machine, the suspected defective parts are replaced with the intact spare parts. After the maintenance personnel basically judge the cause of the fault, they can use this method to quickly diagnose the fault range, and make the winding machine put into normal operation quickly, and then return the defective parts to repair, which is the most common troubleshooting method.

Winding machine