Winding Machine Transformer

- Jun 23, 2019-

Transformer winding machine is used for winding transformer coil special equipment, in the production process of transformer coil, according to the transformer voltage level or capacity to divide winding equipment, there are winding distribution transformer high and low voltage coil automatic winding machine and foil coil winding machine; There are vertical and horizontal winding machines for winding large power transformer coils.

On the structure of the transformer winding machine is mainly composed of the fuselage, frame, spindle body and tail frame support, frame and other components, due to the weight of the transformer coil has certain processing at the same time also need to bear the external force of knock plastic, so the coiling machine body and frame are used to withstand strong steel, according to the size of the machine processing capacity is divided into small, medium and large types, bearing capacity is not the same.

Winding machine